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racket sports

I have always loved watching and competing in a number of different sports.  In particular, racket sports have been part of my life since the age of 8, when I first picked up a squash racket.  I was fortunate enough to play full time for a number of years, travelling mainly around Europe and even getting the chance to compete in the 2014 Commonwealth Games, representing Gibraltar, where I was born and raised.  In the last few years I have also started coaching, combining it with my career as an Osteopath.

How this all led me to becoming an Osteopath

With countless hours spent on the squash court I've had my fair share of injuries.  In that time I have visited many Osteaopths and other therapists who have helped me recover from injuries ranging from ankle sprains, a dogy knee and a sometimes irritable lower back to name but a few.  This is what led me to persue a career in osteaopthy and ultimately to my interest in treating sport related injuries.  Nothing is better than helping a patient get back onto court following an injury - I feel their frustration when they arent able to play due to an injury, we've all been there!

Racket Sport Injuries

With the often unforgiving, physical nature of racket sports, injuries are unfortunately common.  They can lead to irritating aches and pains during, or sometimes after a tough match, and at worst result in prolonged periods out of our beloved sport.

It's not uncommon for my two professions to mix, for eg. I often have coaching clients complaining of various niggles who ask for my advice on how best to manage them.  A common complaint among racket sport players is tennis elbow. This is something that can often be remedied by thickening the grip on the racket itself, maodifying certain aspects in your technique and doing some gentle stretches for the forearm muscles which can get tight, leading to that nagging pain on the outside of the elbow.

So rather than letting your injuries get in the way why not book an appoitment with me Anthony here at Templewood Clinic, Richings Sports Park.  I can access, treat and advise on how best you can overcome your injury.........and remember we dont just treat backs, we will be able to help with a variety of sport related injuries as well as everday aches and pains.

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