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Templewood Clinic offers a variety of massage treatment all provided by our expert Genoveva.


A massage using light strokes best used for relaxation when you just want to unwind.


A firm massage using carefully selected essential oils chosen to suit your needs.  Aromatherapy can be used to enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing.  The essential oils are derived plants, flowers, herbs and roots that are highly concentrated and so have to be combined within a base oil before use.  On applying the oil to the skin the essential oil molecules are absorbed and together with the smell of them their beneficial effect is felt.


A firmer massage used either to release tense / tight musculature or when directed to a muscle injury used to ease spasm and accelerate healing at the injury site.


I was having great difficulty walking due to an old injury catching up with me. After trying, in vain, an orthopaedic specialist and physiotherapy, a friend recommended Steven. I noticed a marked improvement even after the first treatment and was soon back to normal and able to walk my dogs, which seemed little short of miraculous. I can fully recommend Steven's firm but gentle treatment and his friendly approach.

Mrs M, Ealing, London


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