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Hair removal

Genoveva offers a full range of hair removal treatments to both Men and Women.

Most people see waxing as part of a female beauty routine but men are increasingly using waxing to remove unwanted body hair. Many bodybuilders, swimmers, cyclists, runners, models and dancers of both sexes use waxing as the most affective and easiest way to remove unwanted hair.

Genoveva uses the very best Aromatherapy wax from a company called Cetuem. The wax is made from the finest organic resins and blended with pure essential oils chosen for their antiseptic, soothing and healing properties.  It is a non tacky wax that leaves a finer regrowth of hair.

Ceteum has no petrochemicals, no mineral oils, perfume, artificial colours, preservatives or titanium dioxide.

Call Genoveva to book an appointment or for more information on 01753 630871 or call her direct on 07871454277


I was having great difficulty walking due to an old injury catching up with me. After trying, in vain, an orthopaedic specialist and physiotherapy, a friend recommended Steven. I noticed a marked improvement even after the first treatment and was soon back to normal and able to walk my dogs, which seemed little short of miraculous. I can fully recommend Steven's firm but gentle treatment and his friendly approach.

Mrs M, Ealing, London


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