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sports injuries

Sports injuries are often a result of an accident during a game or part of an over use / repetitive action.  The majority of sports injuries are relatively minor and simple to treat if attended to quickly after the event has occurred.  Prompt treatment can often result in a quicker recovery and return to your chosen sport.

In the event your injury is more serious we will refer you to the appropriate specialist either directly or via your GP. Many sports injuries benefit from valuable rehabilitation exercises and advice and we can provide all of this for you.


For minor sports injuries Genoveva can provide relief using sports injury massage whilst for more complicated injuries or those requiring more detailed advice and assessment osteopathic treatment may be more appropriate.

If you are unsure which treatment to have please call us and we can advise you 01753 630871 or email


I was having great difficulty walking due to an old injury catching up with me. After trying, in vain, an orthopaedic specialist and physiotherapy, a friend recommended Steven. I noticed a marked improvement even after the first treatment and was soon back to normal and able to walk my dogs, which seemed little short of miraculous. I can fully recommend Steven's firm but gentle treatment and his friendly approach.

Mrs M, Ealing, London


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