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exercise rehabilitation

After most injuries and chronic pain conditions rehabilitation is an important part of obtaining full recovery and preventing the problem arising again.  Exercise rehabilitation can be as simple as stretching and mobility exercises that you do at home. It can also involve resistance based exercises to increase strength in the muscles where there has been injury or where there is weakness resulting from a period of little or no exercise e.g. after a chronic long ongoing condition.


Resistance exercises don't need to be done in a gym. There are many ways of exercising in the privacy of your own home using body weight or exercise equipment.



I was having great difficulty walking due to an old injury catching up with me. After trying, in vain, an orthopaedic specialist and physiotherapy, a friend recommended Steven. I noticed a marked improvement even after the first treatment and was soon back to normal and able to walk my dogs, which seemed little short of miraculous. I can fully recommend Steven's firm but gentle treatment and his friendly approach.

Mrs M, Ealing, London


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