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Do you have back or neck pain?

Do you have back or neck pain?

Start the New Year by sorting out those pains that may be stopping you doing all the things you want to do.
If pain is affecting your sleep then your preformance at work and in your free time will be impacted.  Loss of
sleep means you handle stress poorly and this can lead to all sorts of health issues.

If your pain is stopping you get fit or stopping you doing the things you want to do with your family why are you putting up with it?

There are very few occasions where we at Templewood Clinic either Steven, Anthony or Genoveva cant help you and we will always do whatever we can to try and help and encourage you to achieve whatever goals you have.

If you just want to chat 1st before booking an appointment please just give us a call or if you prefer send us an e mail and we can have a chat to make sure treatment is likely to be of help.


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